My Microsoft MVP Award gift package is here!

A little over a week after becoming a Microsoft MVP, I’ve now received my MVP Award gift package!

So i’m a little excited today.  I’ve been tracking this package all the way from Redmond to Durham, United Kingdom, and wanted to show you exactly what comes with the MVP Award package.

All in all, a fantastic unboxing experience. It’s a really nice pack and it’s nice to have something physical to represent the award. 

BTW, here’s my official MS MVP URL

Hope to see you all at the MVP Summit!

FedEX box marked Fragile (Mailed from Redmond)
First sight of the MVP box
2020-2021 MVP Award Box
Certification Plaque from Microsoft with Satya Nadella’s signature
A message from the MVP Award Team, MVP Identification Card and a MVP Lapel Pin
An inner box, surrounded by packing foam. Wonder what could be in there?
Lots of MVP logo stickers and some important information.
And the MVP Trophy, with a ring for each year you’re an MVP.
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