Create a build pipeline for Angular apps in Azure DevOps

I wanted to show you how I created a Build Pipeline for an Angular App in Azure DevOps.

As always I have this as a task group so I can reuse across projects.

My Task Group for the build is comprised of 5 steps, including tagging the build using PowerShell:









My Install Node step looks like this, which also add it to the PATH:








My NPM install step looks like this:









My NPM Run Build Script Step looks like this:










This calls the script located in my package.json file as below:








I now tag the build using a PowerShell script, this obviously isn’t required but thought I would show it as might be useful for some of you:












Finally I publish the build artifact:










I hope this shows how easy it is to use Azure DevOps Build Pipelines to build an Angular application with an added bonus of tagging using PowerShell.

You could then have a Release Pipeline use the artifact to deploy to an Azure WebApp or wherever else you wanted.

Hope this was helpful!

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